Harvest Circle

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Harvest Circle is Ozarks Food Harvest’s monthly sustainer program. Monthly sustainers help The Food Bank plan for the future, prepare for disasters and much more. I worked with my team to rebrand the program to bring in more sustainers. I wrote the copy for a brochure that was mailed out to potential monthly donors. I also built a new webpage … Read More

Warehouse Expansion Ribbon-Cutting Brochure

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In 2018, thanks to many generous supports, Ozarks Food Harvest expanded its warehouse by 56,000 square-feet. This expansion was years in the making, and it was incredible to experience the final product. We held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the grand opening of the new space. Donors, local businesses, volunteers and staff members were all invited to celebrate this momentous occasion. … Read More

Press Releases

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I write numerous press releases on behalf of Ozarks Food Harvest. We issue press releases for large donations, upcoming events, partnerships, etc. View Press Release Example 1: Smart Chicken View Press Release Example 2: SGC Foodservice View all press releases on Ozarks Food Harvest’s website

COVID-19 Response

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Ozarks Food Harvest’s communication strategy in response to COVID-19 was expensive, flexible and timely. As the pandemic evolved and changed, we shifted our strategy as needed. Each of these pieces was created to communicate the urgency of the situation. We needed donations, and we needed them as quickly as possible to help thousands of families who were affected by the … Read More

Harvest Time Newsletter

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I write all of the content for our newsletter, which is printed and published online five times a year. It contains client stories, celebrates donors and features a plethora of information about The Food Bank. I ghostwrite the articles for Denise’s Desk, Bart’s Hope Note and Charlie’s Corner. View the February 2020 Newsletter View the April 2020 Newsletter View the … Read More

Hunger Action Month

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September is Hunger Action Month. We spend the entire summer creating content, recruiting partners and preparing for events that take place throughout the month. It’s a lot of fun to create fun, creative content on tight deadlines. Check out a few of my favorite pieces. Hunger Action Month Microsite In 2019, I created a microsite for Hunger Action Month. This … Read More

Network News

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Network News is a publication created specifically for Ozarks Food Harvest’s agencies. I write the majority of the articles, and I edit a few articles that are written by other people. View May 2020 Network News View January 2020 Network News